Real-time Deep Radiance Reconstruction from Imperfect Caches

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Real-time global illumination is a highly desirable yet challenging task in computer graphics. Existing works well solving this problem are mostly based on some kind of precomputed data (caches), while the final results depend significantly on the quality of the caches.In this paper, we propose a learning-based pipeline that can reproduce a wide range of complex light transport phenomena, including high-frequency glossy interreflection, at any viewpoint in real time (> 90 frames per-second),using information from imperfect caches stored at the barycentre of every triangle in a 3D scene. The proposed framework ensures high-quality rendering of images for moderate-sized scenes with full global illumination effects, at the cost of reasonable precomputation time."

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Tao Huang
Tao Huang
MS student

I am currently a graduate student of Computer Science at UCSB, supervised by Prof. Lingqi Yan. My research interest is rendering. I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science(2022), from NanJing University.